AI Driven Security - FortiEDR (Fortinet Endpoint Detection and Response)<br />Advanced attacks typically take only minutes if not seconds to infect and compromise your endpoints. Enterprise need an advanced endpoint security solution that not only can prevent and detect, but block malicious actions in real time, automatically, without causing alert fatigue. Watch this short demo to see how FortiEDR can detect and block ransomware and other file-less attacks to stop the breach in real time.
AI Driven Security - FortiEDR FortiSOAR (Fortinet Security Orchestration, Automation and Response)<br />In this demo, you will learn about FortiSOAR features including advanced Incident and Case management, playbooks and connectors for Security Orchestration and Automation, workflow and team collaboration helping enterprise streamline SOC efficiencies with accelerated incident response.
AI Driven Security - Mitre Attack visibility in FortiSandbox<br />In this demo, you will see how malicious information is correlated against the mitre attack and presented in the FortiSandbox User Interface to help enterprise identify threats quickly.

Fortinet SEAHK 361 Security

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